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Product Specifications

Savage Universal  Luminous Pro LED Ringlight Plus  

Main specs

Type of Light:  Continuous LED


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Savage Universal-Luminous Pro LED Ringlight Plus-Studio Lights
Description Specifications Media

Reflector/Diffuser properties


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Light properties

Modeling Light


Modeling Light/Flash tube Number


Guide Number

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Flash Triggering

Remote Control

Recycling Time

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Fuse Rating

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Temperature Control

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Reflector Mount

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General specifications

Type of Light

Continuous LED


1x 9′ AC Power supply , 1x Metal ball head, 1x Remote control, 1x Bi-color 96W LED Ringlight, 2x Sony NP-F750 Batteries with Chargers, 1x Padded Carry Bag


The Savage Luminous Pro 19″ Ringlight Plus is a versatile light source, great for both photography and video applications. Whether you need a smooth on-axis fill light or want to achieve the perfect catch light in your model’s eyes, this low-heat, noiseless LED light will fulfill your needs. The soft, even light characteristics make it ideal for glamour shots and key light applications, smoothing out skin imperfections and enhancing the overall look of your model’s skin tone. The color temperature of the light can be adjusted from 3200K to 5500K and anywhere in between, and power level from 10% to 100%. The diffused front makes close-in shots easier on the subject’s eyes. A large rear LCD display allows for easy adjustments of power and color temperature. The included remote control accessory allows the user to control the light settings from anywhere on set, which is especially useful for users operating the light from the front, for vlogging or self-portraits.



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