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Product Specifications

OpTech  Secure-Its - Black #1301042  

Main specs

Brand:  OpTech

Type of Accessory:  System Connectors


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OpTech-Secure-Its - Black #1301042-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories


Type of Accessory

System Connectors


  • Secure and convenient method for locking a quick disconnect
  • Soft hook and loops won't snag clothing or gear
  • Available in sets of four
  • Made in the USA

With the OP/TECH USA SYSTEM CONNECTORS, the camera/binocular owner has several connection options. You can buy an extra set of connectors to customize the strap to best suit your needs.

SECURE-ITS are easy to attach, non-marring connectors for those who want added security on quick disconnects. They wrap completely around the quick disconnects to assure they can't be unfastened unintentionally. Simply thread them through the connectors and touch fasten for extra peace of mind. They come in sets of four.


Binoculars, Cameras, strap




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