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Smartphone and Tablet Accessories

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ProMaster-Mobile Phone Tripod Mount #7232-Smartphone and Tablet Accessories

Type: Mount

Compatibility: Smartphones


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ProMaster-Bluetooth® Selfie Trigger Camera Remote #9822-Smartphone and Tablet Accessories

Type: Bluetooth trigger

Compatibility:  Android 4.2.2 OS or greater and iOS 6.0 or greater devices


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ProMaster-Mobile Rechargeable LED Light #8471-Smartphone and Tablet Accessories

Type: LED Light

Compatibility: Smartphones, Tablets


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ProMaster-Bluetooth Timer Remote Receiver for iPhone #7050-Smartphone and Tablet Accessories

Type: Timer Remote

Compatibility: iPod, iPhones, iPad


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ProMaster-Axis Mobile Stabilizer #6677-Smartphone and Tablet Accessories

Type: Stabilizer

Compatibility: compatible with most smartphones


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